The Internet provides the greatest number of ways to access yournextbus information and to identify bus stop numbers should you not know the stop number.

It is possible to obtain information on yournextbus on the Internet by:

Option 1: Entering the stop number

This will be an eight digit number starting with 450 in West Yorkshire and 370 in South Yorkshire.

Option 2: Entering the service number

Enter the bus service number e.g. 51A, then select the specific service and destination you require. By clicking on the + adjacent to the main stop, it will expand to display a list of the individual stops adjacent to the selected main stop. Click on the individual stop name for information on yournextbus and to identify the stop number for future use.

Option 3: Entering a postcode

If you do not know the bus stop number or service number, it is possible to enter a postcode that brings up the nearest stops. Click on the individual stop name for information on yournextbus.

For general bus and train enquiries, please call Metroline on 0113 2457676 or email